Our software offers an interactive space where every healthcare provider contributes their business expertise so that patient care is a collective success.

At Softway Medical, we don’t just take care of our customers. We strive to offer the men and women who are the wealth of our company a warm and friendly working environment. We believe that an employee who enjoys coming to work is an effective and efficient employee.

We develop tools that reinvent the patient-provider relationship. At Softway Medical, we also want to reinvent cooperation between employees, by using Agile methodology. Confidence, boldness, and humility are essential values ​​for participating in teamwork that combines breaking down the barriers between different areas of expertise, and human interaction.

Softway Medical aspires to shape the future of healthcare informatics. So if you want to be involved in a demanding business project and if our corporate culture sounds like you, come join us and together we can write the story of which this is just the prelude.