The economic and regulatory environment on the one hand incites establishments to develop their business, and on the other hand incites manufacturers to make tools available to their clients that enable them to assess their performance. In response to these challenges, Softway Medical is working closely with their customers, enabling them to measure their activity by means of management indicators. Here’s how, taking the example of the Polyclinique Sainte Thérèse in Sète (34), which has been using the Hospital Manager solution since March 2013.

The Polyclinique Sainte Thérèse, which has 72 beds and day beds, covers the majority of surgical specialties and has been certified by the French Health Authority since January 2007, thus guaranteeing high quality medical care and accommodation. It has been serving Sète and the Thau Basin for over 50 years and has a gynecology and obstetrics department, an inpatient and outpatient surgical unit, a surgical emergency department, and a therapeutic education department in diabetology.

Until then, the polyclinic had a heterogeneous information system with numerous pitfalls. In 2012 it decided to revise its entire information system by acquiring Hospital Manager for its entire Patient Axis (management and medical) and integrating it with the Sage 100 solution, preserved for accounting: «We wanted to have an integrated solution so as not to have to set up gateways and other connections between different solutions. Hospital Manager corresponded perfectly. » says Nathalie COURNEDE, Director of the clinic.

Significant, continued, and effective improvement

One of the first steps was to deploy the billing/DRG module on 1st March 2013. Billing was taking a long time and monopolizing large numbers of resources. Six months after Hospital Manager was installed, billing and payment time was reduced by half, thus greatly improving the cash flow.

Mme COURNEDE adds that «We could be pleased that the DRG coding was optimized. Invoicing and payment time was reduced by half, which greatly improved our cash flow. »

The second step was to computerize the medication circuit. The clinic was suffering financial penalties for breaching the agreement on the proper use of medicines and it was costing them € 20,000/year in fines. Today the Polyclinique Sainte Thérèse has reset the balance in this respect since Hospital Manager made it possible to fully computerize the medication circuit, in agreement with regulatory requirements. The follow-up inspection, ordered by the Regional Health Authority, found that the clinic was fully compliant, notably thanks to the installation of this new information system.

Numerous economic levers enhanced with Hospital Manager

Through their collaboration, the Polyclinique Sainte Thérèse and Softway Medical have observed that Hospital Manager helps enhance their business activity and consequently their finances. The implementation of business processes enables them, for example, to make billing more reliable. This is due to controls that are put in place all along the medical administrative chain, improving billing deadlines and reducing the failure rate.

We are calm and confident about going ahead and installing the medical record and care modules: «Hospital Manager offers a solution that takes into account the economic and regulatory constraints of clinics. Bolstered by a dynamic management team and committed professionals we are deploying Hospital Manager quickly and efficiently, throughout the clinic. The figures speak for themselves. » concludes Mme COURNEDE.