The Centre Psychothérapeutique de l’Ain (CPA) is a Private Non-Profit Healthcare Institution, linked to the Organisation for Health and Care (ORSAC). This association which comes under the 1901 law on non-profit-making organizations now manages 18 health or medical-social facilities located mainly in the Rhône-Alpes region. The CPA represents half of the activity of the ORSAC and virtually has a monopoly on the practice of psychiatry in the department of Ain, covering all fields in this sector. It manages 410 beds, mostly in Bourg-en-Bresse, forty or so local care homes in the department, and also provides interventions at home or at other healthcare facilities. With 1,200 employees (1,060 full-time equivalent) and an annual budget of 70 million euros financed by the Social Security, the CPA is recognized for its quality of patient care, its good management, the relevance of its investments and the good condition of its premises. To optimize its information system, the CPA chose Sage ERP X3, for its economic and financial management, and Hospital Manager, Softway Medical’s solution for administrative and medical patient management.

The creation of a hospital information system Yves Scordia joined the CPA in 1998.

«At that time, 98% of our computer services were subcontracted. We were using disparate systems and we were years behind in terms of management and organization. We decided to start again from scratch and create an internal IT department. We wanted to build a modern hospital information system 100% based on software packages. With this in mind, we implemented Axya systems, a fully integrated solution that manages accounting, purchasing and inventory and also the entire healthcare segment: patient records, administrative management, etc. Ten years on, this solution is end-of-life, it will soon cease to be maintained. It was time for us to go back to the drawing board! »

The power of Sage ERP X3 combined with the business expertise of Softway Medical

«In 2008, we put out a call to tender to find a solution to manage accounting, purchasing and inventory. The specifications were drawn up in-house. Following on from this, in 2009, we sought a business solution for healthcare. “Solicited for the second bidding, Softway Medical, which is both and an integrator and provider of solutions for the healthcare professions, looked at the project in an original and relevant way. Having developed an information system for the whole of the patient axis (administrative and healthcare provision) , Softway Medical suggests integrating Sage ERP X3 with Hospital Manager and so satisfy all the requirements of the CPA.

“We chose Sage ERP X3, integrated by Softway Medical because this package is new, powerful, and very good value for money. Workflow functions are particularly well-developed, with a high potential for automation. It comprises a wealth of functionality and can satisfy the most challenging requirements by simple setups. “For healthcare management, CPA chose the Hospital Manager solution, a business software developed by Softway Medical.

Yves Scordia, Director of Financial Affairs and Information Systems


  • Activity: Healthcare facility.
  • Annual budget: EUR 70 million financed by the Social Security.
  • Employees: 1200, including 1060 full- time equivalents.
  • Location: France

Project Issues

  • Modernizing the information system
  • Optimizing the management of accountancy, procurement, and inventory, and decentralizing the decision-making process


  • Sage ERP X3 solution


Decentralized management for significant savings

The contract for Sage ERP X3 is signed and implementation begins soon after. All accounting modules (general accountancy, analytical and budgetary, capital management) are deployed, as well as those for the management of procurement and inventory.

“The accounting side was set up after recovering old data. This was done without any problems. We are currently working with Softway Medical on the analytical and reporting procedures so as to comply with the expectations of our regulators. Purchasing and inventory modules were also installed very easily. We are in a decentralization phase. “The CPA wants to decentralize purchasing decisions at the lowest level. Sage ERP X3, is the perfect tool for decentralized management, and will enable us to make this radical change in organization.

“Before, we used a central service for purchasing. On all our sites, it is now the local managers who decide on purchases and place orders. They are better empowered and all have access to Sage ERP X3 via a Citrix network. This allows us to manage more subtly, article by article, and buy the right products at the right time and in the right quantity. We made a precise and exhaustive inventory of everything we usually buy at the CPA and have standardized and made various catalogs in Sage ERP X3. To make a purchase, managers need only connect to the catalog and make their choice. The order is then transmitted to the central warehouse. It’s very simple, although we still have to carry out some work in the field on organization, explanation, and awareness. Sage ERP X3 allows us to bring management down as close as possible to the players in the establishment and make substantial savings. We have, for example, made a 50% saving on orders of paper hand towels! And we expect many more direct and indirect savings: trading negotiations, simplified logistics, a reduction in lapses, etc.”

A catalyst in changing the organization, Sage ERP X3 is now used by 60 people, 20 are in administrative services and 40 are field staff.

“We were able to automate many tasks and we are beginning to see a time saving, especially with regard to data entry. The application also helps us improve our relations with the outside: the remote processing and EDI has opened new doors that we intend to use to our advantage. We also like the analytical and reporting functions. The regulatory authorities regularly ask us for progress reports, income statements, surveys, statistics on drug purchases, etc. With Sage ERP X3 and Hospital Manager, we are able to respond fully to all the requests. The users are very happy with the new system which makes their lives easier. Our new information system is a very effective lever for changing the organization of our facility.”

The picture is extremely positive. “Having the same provider, Softway Medical, for all of our information system is a real advantage. Hospital Manager and Sage ERP X3 are totally interconnected. We have the benefit of two expert solutions in each field that work together in an integrated manner. This is really the best solution. What’s more, the people we have dealt with so far at Softway Medical have been extremely competent throughout the project.”