At the end of 2011 the Chinon Hospital complex acquired the medical component of SOFTWAY MEDICAL’S HOSPITAL MANAGER. This healthcare facility which has 650 beds, and a team of four IT technicians managing over 280 seats, chose SOFTWAY MEDICAL’S remote administration service to manage the HOSPITAL MANAGER application. Mr PEAN, Head of Information Systems, tells us why they made this choice.


«We were first of all seduced by the range of functionality of the software, and how user-friendly it was during demonstrations. Then we looked more deeply at the means of administering the solution. ». Once the choice of solution was made, the IT team, headed up by Mr. Pean, studied the choices available to them. The architecture recommended by the software editor demanded skills and expertise that the in-house team at the hospital complex didn’t have. The best solution, taking into consideration the human and financial constraints was remote administration. «We share out the roles but it is SOFTWAY MEDICAL who maintain and upgrade the infrastructure so that we are able to achieve maximum performance levels. “ What’s more, the service is provided 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. «It was important to us to have round-the-clock support especially in case of technical problems, above all in the case of a medical application», says Mr. PEAN.


In an age of new technology and ever more complex infrastructures, outsourcing software services seems like a good solution. All the more so in the medical sector which demands that IT technicians also have specialist knowledge in the medical domain. «I think that in future we will move more and more towards outsourcing in the Cloud. For us it is an intermediary step. In future teams must concentrate on their core activities in order to become true specialists. »