Built on the latest web technologies, HOSPITAL MANAGER is a fully-integrated software solution for small, mid-size, and large hospitals.

Already deployed in more than 800 sites it has tens of thousands of users and covers multiple types of activities (ICU, acute care, surgery, oncology, paediatrics, follow-up and rehab, mental health, elderly care). This multidisciplinary clinical solution ensures a smooth and secure sharing of information between stakeholders, services, and facilities.

It provides a range of rules and processes to ensure coordination of care as part of healthcare reforms, and also breaks down into “business” modules to meet the specific needs of each organization.

ManagementMedicalPlanningIntelligenceTechnical Units
HM Bed Management
Reliable information and rational management of resources and means.

HM Programming offers a genuine forward planning of beds and enables detailed visibility of occupancy rates, resources, and means.

Mme Fontaine du CMCE
Directrice de la SCM
“Optimiser l’occupation des blocs opératoires constitue un enjeu majeur pour les établissements”
A complete circuit: from the integration of medical procedures and hospital data to following-up the bill collection process.

HM PAM guarantees the identity of the patient and significantly reduces admission times. All movements are tracked. Exchanges are dematerialized and secure. Lastly, billing and collection time is reduced.

Miss Lebateux
Head of the “clinique La Chênaie”
“Our prerequisite was to have a fully integrated solution and HOSPITAL MANAGER satisfied this requirement perfectly”
HM Activity
Management and collection of activity data relating to GRPs, general, surgical, and obstetric medicine, follow-up and rehab care, and mental health care.

HM Activity is a multi-business solution for accurately measuring activity and the incurred, billable costs. It optimizes steering of activity whilst respecting medical régulations.

HM Pharmacy X3
Reduce costs and delays related to Purchasing – Inventory processes.

Steer your organizations’ productivity and improve your communication with supervisory authorities.

Customer story: Yves SCORDIA
Director of Financial Affairs and Information Systems
“The power of Sage ERP X3 combined with the business expertise of SOFTWAY MEDICAL”
HM Medication

Management of the medication circuit.

All actions are tracked. Includes checks and alerts for healthcare teams. The processes are based on a therapeutic advisor.

Centralized management and follow-up of tests and care requests

Allows authorized users to enter any kind of request in the system (lab requests, imaging requests, nursing care requests, etc.), and have them automatically sent to the relevant department (Labs, Radiology, Care Plan, etc.). Dynamic workflows enable management of the request process (scheduling, stages of completion). Results are automatically received in the Patient Medical Record, and the requester is notified as soon as they are available.

HM Care
Organization of care and response to nursing needs

HM CARE guarantees the reliability of information and communication between the different stakeholders.

The multiple domain care plan sets out in one place all the actions to be carried out, so they don’t need to be rewritten. Includes transmission sheets and teaching materials for multidisciplinary care. Lastly, you get a synthetic vision of the evolution of the patient’s situation.

HM Medical Record
A consolidated view of the patient’s care pathway, from general practice to hospital

HM Medical Record offers a new organization of the way patient charts are viewed by caregivers. It completes the general documentation system with a synthesis of medical information and enables caregivers to quickly see the current state of the patient.

HM Archives
Tracking management of medical archives

HM Archives ensures the traceability and localization of paper medical records related to a patient, by recording the location of a file throughout its period of existence.

HM Occupancy Plan
Medical management of placement

HM Occupancy Plan is a graphical tool for collaboration between healthcare and administrative teams, aimed at optimizing the management of beds.

Through this module, users can effectively visualize the occupancy of units and correlate “administrative” elements with medical data, such as the positioning of a patient in a schedule based on the reason for hospitalization. HM Occupancy Plan also manages the allocation of beds, real time placement, emergency admission, monitoring of stays and occupancy rates.

HM Coding
Contextual coding tools at the patient bed

Collection of sector-specific activity data by the care givers aiming at simplifying the coding of procedures and diagnoses, whilst adapting to the organizations where collection is decentralized.

HM Coding facilitates the consolidation of data and allows each stakeholder to update the information in the medical record.

HM Planning
Transverse, optimized resource planning
Manages the institution’s critical resources: Physicians, Operating rooms, Hardware, Imaging department, etc. Authorized users have direct access to the available resources and can schedule appointments for their patients. An automatic search for available time slots, based on a rules management engine, helps the user to find the right time for an appointment.

  • Associated processes | HM Planning is used in the following :
    Outpatient Management

    Nos clients vous en parlent

    processus-gestion-des-consultations-externes« Le workflow de suivi des patients a été intégré à la production des soins en donnant la faculté aux utilisateurs de positionner les patients externes tout en accédant à leur dossier médical, leurs prescriptions ainsi qu’aux éléments de facturation (détermination de la couverture sociale, pré- codage de l’activité, …). En complément, le suivi de production des comptes-rendus a été intégré au circuit de suivi des patients (les comptes-rendus à dicter, à frapper et à valider). Ainsi, dès son arrivée à l’Institut, le patient externe est intégré dans un parcours patient visible et partagé par tous les acteurs de la prise en charge.

    Par exemple, au travers d’un seul et même écran, le médecin visualise les patients attendus du jour, les patients accueillis en lien avec l’heure prévue du rendez-vous, les comptes-rendus à dicter et à valider ainsi que les actes pré-codés à valider ou à modifier.

    La mise en oeuvre de ce worflow a permis d’optimiser et de fluidifier la prise en charge des consultations externes, de l’accueil des patients jusqu’à la facturation des actes, en passant par la production des comptes- rendus. Par conséquent, cela contribue à une meilleure qualité de prise en charge des patients, au confort d’usage des professionnels de santé ainsi qu’à une meilleure facturation des actes de consultations externes ».
    Sylvain FLUZIN, DSI à l’Institut Paoli Calmettes.

HM Intelligence

The performance of an organization is characterized by its ability to carry out its tasks in a rapidly changing environment. A key advantage of Hospital Manager is its ability to leverage the huge amount of data captured by thousands of users.  The Hospital Manager Intelligence Decision Support System (DSS), assists leaders in their managerial strategies and department heads in analyzing their activity.

This module provides the ability to intuitively tap the institution’s wealth of administrative, clinical, and financial data. It allows business users to make decisions based on reliable and customizable indicators.

Mme Alexia Dagail
Directrice de la clinique de la porte verte
“Business Intelligence: Pour des analyses rapides et fiables de son activité.”
One Manager RIS
Imaging unit management
ONE MANAGER RIS offers a set of features that contribute to the efficiency of imaging departments (administrative and production management). It ensures patient identification vigilance, fluidity of the quoting process, tracking of examinations, and the transmission of results (results server, report management).
One Manager Imaging
PACS Management
ONE MANAGER PACS manages the storage and archiving of images, their diagnostic interpretation, and the dissemination of results to stakeholders, either internal (clinicians) and / or external (care networks, referring physicians, specialists, etc.).
Management of operating theaters
A management program for planning rooms, programming medical procedures, assigning staff, managing the hardware, and producing statistics.