SOFTWAY MEDICAL offers hosting services for all or part of the HOSPITAL MANAGER solution. Two levels of services are available to solution users:

> SaaS is best suited to clinics that don’t want to invest in hardware and/or software (planning, Patient Administration Management/DRG, accountancy, pharmacy, medical production, RIS/PACS) and prefer to subscribe to a turnkey service.

> IaaS is best suited to clinics that want to buy their software but want to dispense with hardware and operating system costs. The Clinique Beau Soleil (Montpellier), the Clinique Saint-Louis (Gange), the Clinique Catalane (Perpignan), and the Clinique Gévaudan (Marvejols) chose to have their solution hosted by Softway Medical.

Application availability 24/7 has become a major challenge in guaranteeing the security of patients in medical care. In answer to this, since 2010 the group of clinics have had their HIS hosted. « We chose to have our software hosted remotely by Softway Medical because it was built for our HOSPITAL MANAGER application, and it guaranteed us continuity of service, no down time, version upgrades and patches handled by dedicated functional and technical experts», states Olivier JAUDON, Vice-Chairman of the group. «We ultimately become the end users of our infrastructure. Off-site management (hosted mode) guaranteed the continuity of service that is indispensable to our business and our wide-range of activities; in particular consultation and medical production. » he adds.

By pooling investments and services, healthcare establishments can achieve this quality of service whilst saving on operating costs: «Not only to deploy, but also to operate, support, and develop our environment, we would need at least 5 computer technicians whereas today we only need two. The obvious solution in our eyes was to outsource, concludes Olivier JAUDON. Doctors can access patient data securely from their local practice or their home.

The security of patients and the protection of medical data are guaranteed by the accreditation as a Medical Data-Hosting Provider. SOFTWAY MEDICAL has this accreditation and gets it re-assessed each year. Access to these services concerns all healthcare establishments whatever their size or field of activity. Private clinics (Clinique du Libournais, Clinique Sainte Anne, La Bastide in Marseilles, etc.) and public healthcare establishments (The HL-RA Group (Electronic patient records in local hospitals in Rhône-Alpes group), Dunkirk hospital complex, etc.) also take part in this.