The Dunkirk hospital complex and the Polyclinique Grande Synthe chose together to procure HOSPITAL MANAGER for their healthcare provision. If Mr COCHIN, head of information systems at the Dunkirk Hospital complex did not at first consider hosted mode, he tells us why this soon became the obvious solution.


«It is true that everyone was enthusiastic when Softway Medical gave their presentation. On the one hand there were the technicians but also the users and the managers were present that day. We soon recognized the seriousness of what they were offering and the advantages in terms of availability and security». The Healthcare Data-Hosting Provider accreditation obtained by Softway Medical guaranteed a high level of means and security. The establishment’s IT team which had little more than 6 full-time equivalent staff, was not in a position to offer an equivalent level of service.

«Beyond the necessary technical and functional training, the level of expertise that the editor has with regard to its own software and how to set up the infrastructure in accordance with their recommended prerequisites could not be equaled» states Mr. Cochin. Furthermore, Mr. Cochin feared that by choosing hosted mode his team would feel a certain frustration because administration of the solution would be subcontracted. In reality it was exactly the opposite. «I realized that the responsibility of taking care of these critical machines was a source of concern for them. Outsourcing was seen as a relief. » In addition to the high level of availability and security offered, the IT technicians are no longer overwhelmed by the tasks involved in administering an application, and this frees up time.

«My purpose is to refocus the IT technicians on their core business. All the time and attention that is not spent on administering Hospital Manager we can spend on other activities with more added value for the facility. And today having time to spare is not a luxury! »  Although the financial contribution agreed by the Regional Health Agency under the H2012 program was a help, the project would have taken place in any case because the management of the establishment considered it strategic. «We are working with medical data and we are conscious that sooner or later all patient records will be computerized. This demands maximum uptime. », says Mr. Cochin.